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How can employers create a more inclusive workplace?

Employers have a lot of tasks and responsibilities in front of them. One major consider is the level of inclusivity of your workplace. This goes beyond just legal considerations regarding harassment and discrimination. While it is crucial you establish a workplace free of

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Accommodations owed to new mothers in your office

As an employer in California, you no doubt want to provide whatever elements will help contribute to a productive working environment. That desire is often counterbalanced, however, by the understanding that you can only give to a certain extent when it comes to

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What are the two types of diversity?

Are you meeting your obligations to promote diversity in the workplace? It can be difficult to know if you do not have a clear idea of what workplace diversity looks like. Essentially, your workplace should reflect the larger world in which your company

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3 ways workplace mediation may beat discipline

You rely on your employees to meet customer demands. Eventually, though, members of your staff may butt heads. After all, as many as 85% of U.S. workers report experiencing conflict at their places of employment. While it is sometimes necessary to resolve conflict

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What does inclusion in the workplace look like?

According to BuiltIn, diversity and inclusion are separate concepts that rely on each other to succeed. On the one hand, diversity refers to the characteristics and traits that make a person unique, such as his or her race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

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The current legal status of mandatory arbitration

Many employers include mandatory arbitration clauses in their employment agreements. These clauses basically say that an employee will first go through arbitration for any employment disputes before he or she files a lawsuit with the court.  In California, there has been a recent

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