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3 ways workplace mediation may beat discipline

You rely on your employees to meet customer demands. Eventually, though, members of your staff may butt heads. After all, as many as 85% of U.S. workers report experiencing conflict at their places of employment. While it is sometimes necessary to resolve conflict

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What does inclusion in the workplace look like?

According to BuiltIn, diversity and inclusion are separate concepts that rely on each other to succeed. On the one hand, diversity refers to the characteristics and traits that make a person unique, such as his or her race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

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The current legal status of mandatory arbitration

Many employers include mandatory arbitration clauses in their employment agreements. These clauses basically say that an employee will first go through arbitration for any employment disputes before he or she files a lawsuit with the court.  In California, there has been a recent

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The many facets of workplace diversity

As the nation continues to evaluate its relationship with racial equality, employers and employees across all sectors understandably may be looking at their workplaces with new points of view. The concept of diversity in the workplace is anything but new, yet it has

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Understand California break and lunch requirements

If you are opening a new California business or expanding an existing operation, you may be hiring workers for the first time. You must abide by the state’s wage and hour laws to avoid a costly lawsuit. Review and understand the required break

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The difference between mediation and arbitration

Despite your attempts to comply with all local, state and federal regulations regarding employment, you may eventually find yourself in dispute with a current or former employee. Alternative dispute resolution techniques are available in place of litigation and offer benefits to you and

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Setting reasonable diversity inclusion goals

If your company is lacking in diversity, it could signal a need for a diversity initiative. After all, you do not want to violate (or appear to violate) anti-discrimination statutes. The ACLU notes that the law allows you to set inclusion goals as

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How can employers avoid discrimination claims?

Allegations of harassment and discrimination within a place of work can have a damaging impact on your business. It is crucial for employers to create an encouraging and welcoming environment for all workers, while also taking claims of discrimination seriously when they arise.

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