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Guiding Employers In The Bay Area Through Complex Labor Laws

As an employer, navigating the plethora of federal, state and even local employment laws has never been more challenging. From relatively routine matters such as minimum wage laws to the significant changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act, knowing how to remain in compliance with labor laws while still looking out for your bottom line is more difficult than ever. The Law Offices of Denise Eaton May can guide your business in creating an efficient workplace and addressing disagreements that frequently develop between employers and their workers.

Founding attorney Denise Eaton May has an accomplished career spanning three decades; working with the California Office of the Attorney General, the Office of the Alameda County Counsel, the Alameda County Employees Retirement Association and having served as the Director of Human Resources for Alameda County, Assistant Director of Human Resources for Contra County, she combines extensive knowledge of labor and employment laws with real-world experience in the human resources field. This is experience you cannot afford to do without as you seek to protect your business’s legal interests while promoting a productive workplace.

By providing general legal consulting in addition to comprehensive litigation, mediation and arbitration counsel, our firm can assist employers whether they are seeking to avoid legal disputes, resolve a discrete legal issue or require extensive litigation services.

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Our firm offers a wide range of services to help your company or other entity make sense of your legal obligations as an employer and protect your legal and financial interests in the face of disputes with employees. Learn more by clicking the appropriate link below. To schedule a consultation with one of our employment lawyers, send an email or call 510-244-3307. We work with employers throughout the East Bay, including Oakland and all surrounding areas.