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Sometimes, the death of a loved one comes about slowly, giving family members at least a little time to begin the process of putting affairs in order and planning for what’s next. Other times, a death is unexpected, leaving relatives reeling and unsure even how to begin settling a loved one’s estate.

No matter which situation your family now finds itself in, one thing is the same: You need and deserve legal help from an experienced estate planning lawyer to help you get through this difficult time as quickly as possible. We believe it is possible to honor your loved one’s wishes through faithful administration of his or her estate while also helping you and your family avoid the pain and frustration that can accompany this part of the legal system. If you’re searching for a lawyer with experience who still knows how to treat clients with understanding and respect, our firm is here for you.

With years of litigation experience, attorney Denise Eaton May is successful at quickly identifying a client’s goals and aggressively pursuing them. In our estate administration practice, this focus on results is complemented with a commitment to compassion for families who want swift resolution of an estate but will also sometimes need to work at their own pace. For us, nothing is more important than ensuring our clients are comfortable while helping them achieve their legal goals.

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Nearly all estates in California must go through the probate process to some degree, although the presence of a comprehensive estate plan can in many cases greatly simplify the probate process for family members.

If your loved one died with a will, trust(s) or other estate planning documents, we can work with you and the will executors and trustees to ensure a streamlined process every step of the way. We will take the lead in ensuring compliance with all probate court rules, and above all see to it that the wishes of your loved one’s estate are followed with the utmost care.

If your loved one died without any estate planning documents, the entirety of his or her estate will have to be probated, and estate assets will be distributed according to legal rules. In these cases, our commitment remains the same: Make what can be a difficult time easier for you and your family, and remove as much of the legal burden from you as possible.

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