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FAQs About Mediation

Common Questions About Mediation

At the Law Offices of Denise Eaton May, we mediate disputes on behalf of business owners, employers, trustees and other clients throughout the Bay Area of California. For answers to your questions about mediation, feel free to call our lawyer at 510-529-7938 or review the general information below:

Why choose mediation instead of litigation?.

Mediation comes with many benefits. It is typically far quicker and more economical than litigation. In addition, it allows you to fashion many remedies that the court cannot provide. Instead of the “winner versus loser” mentality of litigation, mediation is about crafting palatable compromises that preserve relationships.

What does it cost to mediate a dispute?.

Mediating a dispute typically costs only a fraction of what it costs to litigate.

Some mediators charge per day, while others charge a flat fee. Denise Eaton May offers a flat-fee package for her mediation services.

How long does the process take?.

Many disputes can be resolved in one mediation session. More complex or contentious issues may take several sessions. The greater the skill of the mediator, the less time it tends to take.

How does mediation differ from arbitration or collaborative law?.

Mediation, arbitration and collaborative law are all alternative dispute resolution methods. However, they do have significant differences. Learn more by visiting our page on mediation versus arbitration.

Is the information I share made public?.

Not at all. Information shared between you and the mediator is confidential. In most cases, both parties will also be asked to sign a waiver to prevent the court from subpoenaing the mediator in court.

What happens if mediation is unsuccessful?.

If you can’t reach an agreement with the other party through mediation, you have the option to proceed to litigation or explore a different dispute resolution method.

How do I choose the right mediator?.

First and foremost, you should look for a mediator who relates well with people. Because he or she will be the go-between, it’s imperative that your mediator be someone who inspires a high level of trust. He or she should also be compassionate, fair and creative — able to empathize with both sides and facilitate innovative solutions. Finally, you will want to choose a mediator with extensive legal experience.

We believe that attorney Denise Eaton May possesses all these qualities. To meet with her in person and determine if she is the right fit for you, contact our Hayward office by email or by phone: 510-244-3307.