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Wage And Hour Audits/Claims Defense

Defending Against Wage And Hour Audits/Claims

Ensuring fair and timely payment of wages to your workers is one of your main responsibilities as an employer. Although you work hard to maintain compliance with all applicable laws and keep your employees happy, there is always the possibility that workers will believe they have somehow been taken advantage of, and you need to be prepared with an aggressive defense in the event that you have a wage and hour claim asserted against you.

Our firm has been representing small-, medium- and large-sized businesses in California in employment litigation for decades. Founding attorney Denise Eaton May gained significant litigation experience working as Assistant County Counsel of Alameda County in charge of litigation, Vice President of Human Resources at the California Transplant Donor Network (CTDN) and Director of Human Resources for Alameda County, in addition to her years of experience in private practice. When the future of your business depends on the successful resolution of an employment dispute, our firm is your dedicated legal ally.

Never Treat A Wage And Hour Claim Or Audit Lightly

Most businesses are forced to evaluate their employees’ wages either as a result of a direct lawsuit from aggrieved employees or as a result of an audit from the Department of Labor. Audits can be random or triggered following an employee claim.

Our firm is ready to help you protect your business whether you face direct legal action from current or former employees, or you need to ensure fair treatment during the auditing process. Successful representation in this area of employment litigation requires extensive familiarity with complex wage and hour laws. With decades of combined experience, our attorneys are ready to help you effectively respond to even the most serious allegations, which can include:

  • Failure to pay overtime
  • Failure to pay the state’s minimum wage of $9/hr
  • Improper classification of employees
  • Delayed or denied paychecks

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