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Business Entity Formation

Assisting You With Starting Your New Business

As someone who is planning for a new business, the decisions you must make and potential legal challenges you need to avoid may already be making the process seem insurmountable. More than anything else, an effective lawyer should be able to answer your questions as quickly and thoroughly as possible, identify the potential issues your business will face and take proactive measures to help you avoid them – in short, give your business a roadmap for success.

Our business and commercial law practice is grounded in one central goal: Help new business owners so that, from day one, their businesses are in the best possible position to succeed. This means more than taking care of legal technicalities and bureaucratic hurdles; it also means giving our clients confidence that, even in a business climate where success can seem like an uphill battle, they have the tools necessary to grow and thrive.

We know starting and running a successful business in California isn’t easy. We combine quality legal advice with personalized, one-on-one client interaction to ensure that our clients are always one step ahead of the game when it comes to running their businesses.

Comprehensive Business Planning Counsel In The East Bay

Starting a new business requires both attending to small details and doing more big-picture planning. Our firm offers legal advice to make both easier for you as you embark on your new enterprise.

New business owners count on our attorneys to help them identify the best business structure for their needs and handle the bureaucratic matters of filing with the state government. We can also assist in drafting bylaws, partnership agreements and employment contracts for new hires when the time comes.

Contracts are a ubiquitous aspect of owning any business, and we offer careful legal counsel during the negotiation, drafting and review process to ensure that all contracts our clients enter into are in their best interests. We know that all businesses rely on the predictability offered by contracts, and we strive to give our clients maximum predictability in an uncertain marketplace.

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