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Our Mediation Practice

At the Denise Eaton May, we provide mediation services to clients throughout the Bay Area. With more than 30 years of experience on both sides of the courtroom, attorney Denise Eaton May is ideally equipped to help clients understand the other party’s position and effectively resolve disagreements without resorting to costly, time-consuming litigation.

She handles:

  • Business and employment mediation related to severance agreements, discrimination claims, vendor contracts and other matters
  • Probate and estate mediation related to the validity of wills, breach of fiduciary duty and other concerns
  • Real estate mediation related to buy-sell agreements, construction defect claims and other issues
  • Other types of mediation on behalf of insurance companies, property owners and other clients

“I take pride in the fact that I have more than a decade of experience representing employers and another decade of experience representing employees. That’s rare, and it gives me a unique ability to tell clients exactly what the other side is thinking and what they’re likely to do. This is a powerful tool in mediation.” — Denise Eaton May

Is Mediation The Right Choice For Your Situation?

We strongly believe that mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods provide a superior route to resolution than does litigation. We will work with you to determine the process that will best suit your needs.

Attorney Denise Eaton May can act as a consulting lawyer in mediation or arbitration proceedings, or she can serve as the neutral mediator. During your first consultation with her, she can discuss the various options and solidify her role.

Why Consider Mediation?

Mediation is an attractive alternative to litigation for several reasons:

  • It’s quicker: Mediation typically takes less time than traditional courtroom litigation.
  • It’s less costly: Mediation is generally less expensive than litigation.
  • It’s less controversial: Litigation creates an environment that pits disputing parties against each other. Mediation encourages working together and collaborating to come to an agreement on a disputed matter.

Learn more about the benefits of mediation or read answers to frequently asked questions about mediation.

Set Up A Consultation With Denise Eaton May

If you are interested in learning more about our mediation services — or if you are wondering if your matter can be settled through mediation — please call our Hayward law office at 510-244-3307  or contact us online.