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Helping Workers Injured On The Job

The Law Offices of Denise Eaton May is a California employment law firm representing workers throughout the East Bay in a wide range of employment matters. We have a team of experienced attorneys who combine high-quality, effective legal counsel with compassion for people who may feel intimidated by a legal system that doesn’t always seem worker-friendly.

If you are a worker whose ability to do your job is compromised by a medical condition, we can help you explore all your options, including filing for workers’ compensation and pursuing claims against your employer.

Your Compassionate Guide In The Legal System

Many workers are afraid to consider workers’ compensation or other forms of legal relief for medical conditions if they do not present a certain set of symptoms. Our firm helps workers who experience debilitating stress and other mental conditions that legitimately keep them from doing their jobs. We represent our clients at every stage of the workers’ comp application process, and can also handle appeals when claims are denied.

In some cases, a workers’ comp claim may accompany a civil suit filed directly against an employer. This can happen in cases where coworkers or supervisors have engaged in harassment or other illegal behavior against a worker with a specific medical condition. In these cases, we help our clients use every available legal option to put a stop to unfair treatment and obtain appropriate monetary relief for the pain they have suffered at work.

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When you choose our firm for legal assistance, we work with you individually and negotiate aggressively on your behalf. Whether you have a straightforward legal issue requiring limited interaction with an attorney, or a more complex matter requiring comprehensive mediation or litigation counsel, we will handle your case with opportunities to execute a successful strategy.

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