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Common Myths Of Mediation

Dispelling The Common Myths Of Mediation

For too long, many have thought of aggressive litigation as the only way to resolve disputes. Here at the Law Offices of Denise Eaton May, we disagree. Through mediation, we have helped many clients effectively and efficiently solve conflicts.

Despite the many benefits of this method, false information still circulates. We are here to shed light on such myths and inform you of the advantages of mediation.

What Is True And What Is False?

A combative approach to disputes can strain relationships. It can also result in costly legal fees. Understanding how mediation can benefit you and how it truly works will save you time and money.

Here are some common myths of mediation that we want to address:

  • You can hire any lawyer to mediate your case: Wrong. You need a nonbiased, trained and experienced mediator who can encourage constructive dialog. Without experience, a mediator may not offer any value for the parties involved.
  • Mediation is not as effective as litigation: Not true. A favorable outcome of your case is not guaranteed in court. Working with a mediator allows both parties to address issues that are important to them.
  • Mediation just won’t work for my case: This is not entirely correct. Though some aspects of your case may not get settled through mediation, minor issues can. Reaching an agreement on these smaller problems may even lead to common goals.
  • The mediator’s decision might be against me: False. Mediators do not make binding decisions or rulings. They are a neutral third party whose only job is to guide and encourage discussion.

Let A Mediator Step In Today

If you have been struggling to deal with a particularly difficult dispute, consider mediation. A skilled mediator may be able to offer you creative solutions to the disagreements you face.

Whether it is contentious probate or other legal concerns, talk to us about how mediation can help you. Visit our Hayward, California, office to meet with an attorney today. To schedule a free consultation, call 510-244-3307 or send us your inquires via the online intake form.