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How Mediation Can Help Employees

Why Employees Should Turn To Mediation First

If you faced discrimination at work or were unfairly fired, your next course of action may be to file a lawsuit. But while the idea of taking your employer to court seems ideal, litigation may not be the best option. Litigating an employment law dispute is draining, financially and emotionally. It also does not guarantee favorable results.

Rather than exhausting your time or energy in court, you may benefit more from mediation. Reach out to us at the Law Offices of Denise Eaton May to see if mediation is right for you.

Mediation Benefits Employees And Employers

As an employee, taking legal action against your employer may do more harm than good for you. Your employer has the resources to hire a team of lawyers and draw out the litigation process. This could require you to expend more money to keep up with them in court. Are you and your legal representative prepared to face litigation of that caliber? Instead, take advantage of mediation.

Through mediation, you can:

  • Focus on goals instead of fighting.
  • Engage in constructive discussions.
  • Resolve the case more efficiently.
  • Reduce the financial burden on you.
  • Negotiate the terms of your settlement.
  • Come up with creative and fair solutions.

Mediating an employment law dispute can also benefit employers immensely. A legal conflict can mean expensive attorney fees and time spent away from the business. In choosing to mediate a disagreement, an employer can also protect their reputation.

Work With Experienced Mediators Today

As mediators with over three decades of experience, you can entrust your case to us. Let our experience and extensive knowledge of mediation law guide your case today.

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