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Why It Is Important To Have An Experienced Mediator

Your Outcome Depends On An Experienced Mediator

Litigation can become an expensive endeavor – one that may not have the results you desire. Instead of prolonging a case and incurring steep legal fees, mediation may be a better option. Through mediation, you can work with an objective third party to resolve disputes. This process encourages the parties involved to participate in productive discussions. With each session, the goal is to get closer and closer to a settlement that works for both sides.

Due to the role that mediators play, experience is important to the outcome of your situation. At the Law Offices of Denise Eaton May, we have worked as attorneys and mediators for over three decades. Let us help you find an alternative path toward resolution today.

You Need Someone Who Understands Mediation

When selecting a mediator for your case, it is crucial to remember that not just any attorney will do. Rather than risking your case to an inexperienced lawyer, seek out a trained mediator.

A qualified mediator:

  • Is familiar with the process of mediation.
  • Can see where the main issues lie.
  • Knows how to guide you past negative emotions.
  • Is able to propose practical solutions.
  • Will address the concerns of both parties.
  • Understands the laws surrounding your disputes.
  • Will work efficiently and effectively to resolve your issues.

An experienced mediation attorney is not easily swayed or pressured into taking sides. If lacking in skills, a mediator may not be able to guide purposeful discourse. For this reason, it is necessary to entrust your time and money to mediators who can help you make progress.

Trust Us To Mediate Your Case Today

As longtime practitioners of mediation in the state of California, you can trust us. Over the years, our experience has allowed us to skillfully mediate a variety of cases. We have assisted clients with employment mediation, business mediation and more.

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