February 2021

February 2021

Facilitative vs. evaluative mediation

As an employer in California, you realize that your employees are your company’s most valuable resource. Your business’ reputation depends on their dedication and performance. Thus, one can understand your desire to avoid any potential disputes that could put any strain on your

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How can management prevent internal conflict?

Your work environment likely includes a combination of employees from diverse backgrounds. There’s a mix of education levels and personality types. And although you made a strategic decision to bring each individual on board, disputes are bound to arise. Profits require a continual

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How does your company handle diversity of thought?

When it comes to diversity in the workplace, you may be overlooking a very important type: the diversity of thought.  While people of different races and cultural backgrounds certainly help maintain a diverse work crew, if everyone thinks the same way then you

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How can employers create a more inclusive workplace?

Employers have a lot of tasks and responsibilities in front of them. One major consideration is the level of inclusivity of your workplace. This goes beyond just legal considerations regarding harassment and discrimination. While it is crucial you establish a workplace free of

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Best practices when dismissing an employee

When you hire someone, you invest in their role in the company. Sometimes, however, you have to let go of an employee who fails to meet expectations.  Protect your legal interests by following California laws and best practices when terminating a worker at your company. 

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