How does your company handle diversity of thought?

When it comes to diversity in the workplace, you may be overlooking a very important type: the diversity of thought. 

While people of different races and cultural backgrounds certainly help maintain a diverse work crew, if everyone thinks the same way then you may not be fully embracing the difference in the way people think. Here are some questions to ask yourself when determining if your company values a difference in opinion as diversity. 

1. Do your leaders want to lead, or do they want to control?

Leaders in your company play a very important role when it comes to employee retention, diversity and success in the workplace. If you have leaders in place that are more interested in controlling a group of people than they are teaching them how to be successful, they may discourage thought diversity, or even punish it. 

Be sure to put the right people in the right positions and reward leadership accordingly. 

2. Is the business defining your employees?

According to a article, having a business that defines your employees may indicate a lack of thought diversity. In these situations, the company culture overrides the individual’s culture in the workplace. The company expects employees to fit into a box the company makes for them. This includes acting and thinking in certain ways. 

While it is always important to maintain a professional demeanor while at work, allowing employees to define the business culture can go a long way towards embracing diversity. 

Encouraging employees to question old ways of thinking and using those ideas to implement changes are great steps on the road towards having a more diverse workplace. 

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