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California has unquestionably stood tall as a beacon of hope and new opportunities for vast numbers of Americans for decades.

The state commands the country’s largest and most diverse population. The California economy spotlights a breadth and depth unrivaled virtually anywhere else on earth. Indeed, many estimates posit that California’s business might is on par with that of the world’s most productive nations.

When commercial entrepreneurs, would-be start-up owners and established company principals think of the state’s unique business dynamism, their thoughts often turn to Northern California.

Specifically one broad and richly varied region, which we spotlight on our website at the [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-2″]. We stress therein that, “Few places equal the Bay Area when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.”

Our firm’s principal attorney has helped business clients kindle that spirit and launch successful enterprises for more than 30 years. The on-point and results-oriented legal guidance and representation we provide to business actors and entities across a broad spectrum comprehensively addresses matters ranging from formation to dissolution and succession planning.

Among other things, we help company principals determine what type of business entity will best promote opportunity and sustained profitability. We closely assist clients in negotiations and with drafting tightly crafted and tailored contracts. We help business principals deal proactively and effectively with wide-ranging labor law concerns. We mediate disputes and, when necessary, help resolve them through forceful litigation.

The bottom line: Our representation promotes clients’ best interests across a virtual universe of commercial challenges and opportunities.

We welcome contacts to the firm and the opportunity to discuss the proven and impassioned work we do on behalf of a valued and diverse clientele.

Quicker. Cheaper. Less stressful. Greater autonomy for involved parties. A focus on civility rather than adversarialism.

With benefits like that to recommend it, why would parties in legal disagreement ever fail to give mediation a timely and measured look as a potential mechanism for resolving conflict?

In fact (and for those very reasons and more), mediation is being increasingly resorted to in California and across the country as a comparatively superior tool to employ when parties are at loggerheads.

And on matters relevant to a broad range of subject matter. We note the broad applicability of mediation on our website at the Bay Area [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-2″]. We note therein that the process is relevant in myriad contexts, including these:

  • Business disagreements centered on contracts, employee claims and more
  • Estate planning concerns, addressing matters ranging from probate and will validity/contests to owed fiduciary duties and additional matters
  • Real estate issues (e.g., repair/inspection, contractual disputes, earnest money and construction defects)

The often-realized bottom line for parties opting for mediation to address disputes centrally spotlights its proven utility. We underscore on our website that when an experienced attorney acts as either a neutral mediator or consulting lawyer in the process, mediation can “effectively resolve disagreements without resorting to costly, time-consuming litigation.”

The key word in that above sentence is “experienced.” An individual seeking a mediator’s involvement in a legal matter might reasonably want to consult with an attorney having a demonstrated mediation background and linked success.

We welcome contacts to our firm from persons seeking information concerning mediation and other litigation alternatives for resolving legal conflict.