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Management should never let a feud escalate

Ideally, everyone who works together in an office or warehouse would get along. However, the truth is that conflict between coworkers often arises. If you own a California business, it’s important that you have policies in place designed to resolve disputes between employees

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How do you preserve digital assets in an estate plan?

Keeping the passwords to cryptocurrency wallets secret is a smart idea. If a password fell into the wrong hands, all the virtual cash could disappear. However, without the password, leaving all that cryptocurrency to a beneficiary might be a hollow gesture. The California

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Avoid a hostile work environment

Going into a hostile work environment each day is never easy, and it can lead to intense mental and emotional trauma if not addressed and/or remedied immediately. If you feel as if you are working in a hostile work environment, it is important

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What are the benefits of having a diverse workforce?

Throughout California and the rest of the country, more employers are realizing how beneficial it is to have diverse groups of employees. Here are several advantages when employers go out of their way to include a diverse workforce. Employers hire great workers and

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Improving workplace diversity and inclusion

California is a state that has in many respects paved the way in the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. When a company embraces greater diversity, it benefits from a wider talent pool, more engaging productivity and an increase in employee

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How can I attract more diverse applicants?

Ensuring your company has a diverse workforce can make it a better place to work for everyone. However, you may find hiring a variety of people from different backgrounds is not easy, especially if you seem to attract the same type of applicants

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