Handling a sexual harassment claim involving a staff member

Sexual harassment is an incredibly challenging issue for many businesses, whether an employer does not realize that a workers’ rights violations are taking place or a staff member falsely accuses someone in the company of sexually harassing them. Either way, it is imperative to handle the dispute with care and recognize how much is at stake.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, sexual harassment occurs in various ways, whether a worker is subjected to physical harassment or requests involving favors that are sexual in nature. Employers should also watch out for hostile work environments and employment decisions involving harassment.

The impact of sexual harassment charges

Sexual harassment charges can lead to serious repercussions for business owners. For example, many face serious problems related to a shattered reputation, such as losing key clients, other employees or business due to the aftermath of a case. Moreover, these cases are often very difficult in terms of time, money and emotions. Sometimes, the financial penalties associated with such a case force a business owner to alter the way in which they conduct business or close their doors altogether.

The options available to companies dealing with a suit

In some instances, business owners have the ability to resolve sexual harassment allegations without ever going to court. However, every case is unique, and sometimes those who claim their rights were violated are unwilling to discuss these issues in an amicable manner. If you are involved in a sexual harassment case, it is imperative to carefully go over all of your options and handle the situation appropriately.

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