How can employers deploy effective diversity and inclusion efforts?

Virtually everyone who owns or operates a business is familiar with the concept of diversity and inclusion. While the catchphrase is becoming increasingly common among colleagues, not everyone knows exactly what this entails. The greater difficulty comes in a lack of understanding about how to create an inclusive company culture.

Meeting diversity goals is one thing. However, statistics can fall short unless workers feel as though they are a valuable part of a team. So, what paradigm shifts could promote internal success?

Three ways to increase inclusivity at work

Despite the desire for a diverse workforce, business leaders often struggle to find positive solutions. There may not be one be-all-and-end-all way to implement changes, yet the following approaches may be helpful:

  • Involve organizational leadership during ideation, instead of solely relying on a program designed by external experts. Relying on managers’ hands-on perspective and initiative can go a long way in both formulating and implementing results-oriented improvements applicable to a specific environment.
  • Develop a way for employees to file confidential complaints about harassment or discrimination. Rather than allowing maltreatment to continue out of fear of retaliation, workers must have a way to speak up to draw attention to the challenges that exist within an organization.
  • Consider unbiased hiring practices. Some technological tools may unintentionally remove certain applicants from the job pool. Teams that accurately represent the population rely on technology free from implicit biases.

The overarching goal of developing equal opportunities within a workplace may seem daunting – perhaps even impossible.

However, even when steps don’t provide desired results, efforts indicate recognition of changes that must take place. As with any product or service on the market, being open to trial and error can lead to progress.

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