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The difference between mediation and arbitration

Despite your attempts to comply with all local, state and federal regulations regarding employment, you may eventually find yourself in dispute with a current or former employee. Alternative dispute resolution techniques are available in place of litigation and offer benefits to you and

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Setting reasonable diversity inclusion goals

If your company is lacking in diversity, it could signal a need for a diversity initiative. After all, you do not want to violate (or appear to violate) anti-discrimination statutes. The ACLU notes that the law allows you to set inclusion goals as

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How can employers avoid discrimination claims?

Allegations of harassment and discrimination within a place of work can have a damaging impact on your business. It is crucial for employers to create an encouraging and welcoming environment for all workers, while also taking claims of discrimination seriously when they arise.

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A look at the EEOC’s investigative process

An employee who believes that you have violated his or her rights may file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC then decides whether to dismiss the complaint or accept it. If it decides to accept the claim, the EEOC

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Can you avoid paying estate taxes?

As you piece together your estate plan in Hayward, one nagging thought that likely lingers in the back of your mind is that at least a portion of your accumulated assets will have to go towards paying taxes. Like many people, you may

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Your blended family and a new estate plan

Upon meeting a new partner and deciding to get married after previously getting a divorce or losing a spouse to death, a person should feel hopeful about their future and their new family.  The joy that a new marriage may bring should not,

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What comprises a wrongful termination at work?

Some employees in California and elsewhere – often managerial or other upper-level workers – have lengthy and tailored employment agreements that spell out in detail key elements of their relationship with an employer. Central provisions within such contracts often set forth the terms

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