How to resolve an employment dispute in California

If you are engaged in a workplace conflict, it is often in your best interest to make others within the company aware of the problem. In many cases, you will need to address the issue with your direct supervisor. However, it may also be possible to speak with someone higher up in the company if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your concerns with that individual. Regardless of who you talk to, it’s important to be prepared when initiating a conversation about a potentially sensitive issue.

Have a witness

Ideally, your boss will empathize with your concerns and take steps to rectify the issue in a timely manner. However, there is a chance that your supervisor will try to retaliate against you for making allegations against your colleagues. Having a witness sit in on a meeting can make it easier to protect yourself in the event that you need to take further action in the matter. It may also be worthwhile to have an employment law attorney join you during a meeting with your superior.

What would be an appropriate solution to your problem?

It’s a good idea to consider what would need to happen to resolve a conflict before seeking help from a supervisor. For instance, if you’re upset about an inappropriate comment that your colleague made, a simple apology may be an appropriate way to end a dispute. However, if your colleague has already turned down your request for an apology, you might want to ask that this person be transferred, given a written warning or face other types of discipline. Having a clear understanding of what you need to move on from a workplace incident may make it easier for your boss to take action in a timely manner.

If you are being mistreated at work, you may be entitled to various forms of relief. In some cases, you might receive compensation for lost wages, the value of lost benefits or other damages. An attorney may be able to help you obtain a favorable outcome in your case.

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