What creates a diverse and inclusive work environment?

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace help to make everyone happier and more productive. However, determining if your work environment is diverse and inclusive can be confusing.

It helps to understand what those terms mean. According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, diversity and inclusion mean having employees from different cultures, races, religions and other backgrounds and accepting and honoring the differences between your employees.

Common characteristics

A workplace that is diverse and inclusive is free of discrimination and harassment. Every worker has the same opportunities. The overall company thrives off the experiences, knowledge and individual contributions that the diverse workforce offers.

The company values every employee despite the differences. It recognizes that everyone has something unique to offer.

Incorporating diversity and inclusion

To ensure your workplace has these characteristics, you should cast a wide net when looking for new employees. Make sure that your policies treat everyone equally and seek out feedback from current employees on their concerns about inclusion and discrimination.

Make sure your executive and management teams are diverse. It is not enough to hire employees from different backgrounds. You also need to lead by example.

You should also work to create a culture within the workplace that is accepting and tolerant. Your policies should make it clear that discrimination or harassment will never be ok. Have strict standards for handling issues.

Ensure you quickly and thoroughly investigate and handle any concerns your employees have in a prompt manner.

Be aware of the differences. Include everyone in parties and celebrations, especially those concerning religious holidays. You may need to adjust current policies to ensure you include employees of all religions.

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace involves being more aware. Once you start to look at your employees and embrace their differences, you can reach your goals.

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