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New employment laws arrive in California

Not all business owners and company executives follow employment laws. Their misdeeds could leave an employee or contractor suffering financially or worse. California legislators took steps to address problems in the workforce, and 2022 will see several new laws go into effect. These

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How to handle workplace conflicts with mediation

Employees of California companies don’t always agree. However, when a serious conflict arises, you might want to deal with it through workplace mediation. Why do workplace conflicts occur? Just like conflicts between anyone else, people who work for the same company can have

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Mediation: The wise solution to estate disputes

Going to a courtroom is not the only way to resolve an estate dispute in California. Mediation is often the fastest, easiest and wisest choice for settling issues related to estates and wills. Fewer hassles Mediation is faster and can be resolved in

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Keys to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace

Many employers in California make an effort to focus on diversity and inclusion at their workplaces. However, if employers don’t really understand what that means, they may not actually be fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. Surveys have shown that just 40%

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How to mediate workplace conflict in California

Regardless of where you work, the conflict will sometimes occur. Knowing how to effectively resolve the conflict is important to protecting the organization. Use a neutral mediator When you attempt to mediate a workplace conflict, it’s crucial that the mediator isn’t directly involved

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What is workplace mediation and how does it work?

Employees in Hayward, California, and the surrounding areas want their workplace to be peaceful. Unfortunately, conflicts can arise. Workplace mediation is often one of the best solutions for dealing with such issues. What should be done when a workplace conflict occurs? Supervisors and

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Is a revocable trust right for you in California?

If you have been looking into estate planning in California, you may have come across a revocable trust. Many financial advisors and attorneys suggest that this is one of the most powerful tools you need whether or not you have assets and beneficiaries.

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What should employees know about labor laws?

California residents who work in Hayward and its surrounding areas can benefit from knowing how labor law works. Employees are protected by various regulations. It’s helpful to have this information in case of a hostile working environment or unfair practices by employers. You

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