Mediation: The wise solution to estate disputes

Going to a courtroom is not the only way to resolve an estate dispute in California. Mediation is often the fastest, easiest and wisest choice for settling issues related to estates and wills.

Fewer hassles

Mediation is faster and can be resolved in weeks compared to waiting up to six months for an estate court case to start. The matters are discussed privately behind closed doors between the mediator and the family members or beneficiaries of the will. A court case takes place in a court and is discussed in front of a judge, a court reporter, a bailiff and other professionals. Scandalous court pleadings, especially those involving famous individuals, are often reported in the news. Mediation ensures that every topic is kept confidential and within the family’s vault.

Repairing family problems

In addition, mediation helps both sides learn how to compromise. A common problem with family disputes is the lack of willingness to compromise. There are certain family members that want every matter to be settled in their favor. A mediator is not the same as a judge, who is more straightforward and less emotionally involved. A mediator works more like a family counselor in helping to resolve family differences and promoting a healthier future.

When handling estate administration, the executor may face an argument from a decedent’s family member or beneficiary. If both sides cannot agree, the only solution is to undergo mediation.

Mediation: Saving time, money and effort

Mediation is the ideal option for avoiding taking a dispute into an open courtroom and having to pay money for attorneys and legal fees. The heirs to a will or trust need to focus on saving money to inherit their money by looking at their full range of legal options.

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