How to handle workplace conflicts with mediation

Employees of California companies don’t always agree. However, when a serious conflict arises, you might want to deal with it through workplace mediation.

Why do workplace conflicts occur?

Just like conflicts between anyone else, people who work for the same company can have disagreements. Sometimes, those disagreements might be big enough that a problem occurs between the coworkers to the point where they might have difficulty working together. When this happens, it’s up to the employer to handle things and settle the conflict in a way that works for everyone.

How can workplace conflicts be resolved?

It’s important to take any workplace conflicts seriously. Acting immediately is also the best way to resolve a conflict. The sooner you take measures to address the problem, the more likely you’ll be to successfully resolve it.

Listen to all employees who are involved in the conflict. Really hear everyone and absorb what they have to say. Understanding the conflict and how the parties got to that point is important in being able to resolve things between them. Always stick to the facts of the issue. You might want to meet with each person separately to avoid arguments and confusion.

Remaining neutral is important even if you feel more on one person’s side than the other. You have to be neutral to hear both sides of the conflict. Keeping a level head will help you to get to the bottom of the situation and find ways to come to a solution.

Hold a meeting with the parties involved in the conflict. At this point, you can discuss the matter with them and have them talk so that they can come to a conclusion. Once things are resolved, they might not be friends, but they should be able to work together respectfully, which is the point of workplace mediation.

Having a fair and open company mediation policy is the key to settling workplace conflicts.

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