What to look for in a good mediator?

California residents looking to use a mediator as a way to solve conflict outside of a courtroom. Finding a good mediator can be an intimidating process if you don’t know where to start, however.

What does a mediator do?

A mediator isn’t meant to decide who is right or wrong, like a judge or jury is. Rather, mediators are meant to navigate the pathway to compromise.

The ultimate goal in mediation isn’t for one party to win or lose, but rather for a settlement to be reached or for an understanding to happen between both parties. There are many reasons that California residents and companies might want to consider a mediator:

  • To preserve a working or other relationship
  • To reach a compromise or understanding when emotions are high
  • To resolve a conflict when the parties are unable to

What good qualities will a mediator have?

Mediators are professionally trained to help both parties resolve their conflict. As such, they cannot be biased in either direction. A good mediator will do everything they can to be as unbiased as possible when handling a mediation. If either party feels like there might be bias, they can negotiate with their lawyer to find a better mediator or to make their complaint heard.

Mediators are not only meant to be unbiased, but they’re meant to best handle both parties. This means using active listening skills and asking questions to thoroughly understand both sides.

The process of mediation can take a long time as well. It shouldn’t be rushed, by the parties or the mediator handling the conflict.

Mediation is often used as a last resort before something is taken to court or a working relationship is ended. As such, the mediator and the parties involved should be fully committed to finding a resolution that works for everyone.

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