What are the benefits of workplace inclusion?

Most California employers strive to create open workplaces where all their employees feel comfortable. However, subconscious biases may have a bigger impact on the workplace than employers think.

Employers may be hesitant to make changes to their workplace culture, especially if there are no problems that are being brought to their attention. But there are several benefits that come with improving workplace inclusion.

Diverse companies have more revenue

One of the major benefits comes right down to the revenue. Diverse companies are 35% more likely to have a higher revenue at the end of the year.

There are a lot of reasons for an increase in revenue within diverse companies. For one, customers are seeking out companies with diverse hiring practices and senior leadership.

Companies with diverse employees also incorporate more innovation, which can lead to higher sales numbers and attract even more customers. This can also draw top talent to your company.

Increase in employee retention

In addition to having diverse hiring practices, companies that adopt inclusive practices in their workplaces can expect to keep the talent they hire. This can reduce turnover and lead to long-term employee satisfaction and retention.

When employees feel happy at their workplace, they tend to perform better. That’s why it’s crucial to adopt inclusive practices into your company’s workplace.

How to create an inclusive workplace

There are several steps to creating a more welcoming and inclusive workplace. This includes things like:

  • Having leadership take classes on unconscious bias and active listening
  • Creating a diversity and inclusion council that creates goals in regards to hiring and retaining employees
  • Having spaces in the office that highlight examples of diversity and inclusion, such as a mother’s room or prayer room
  • Implementing employee resource groups in which employees can have a hand in creating inclusive practices for the workplace

It can take a lot of time to develop inclusive hiring practices and create a safe space for employees of all backgrounds in your office. However, the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive workplace are well worth the work that it takes.

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