Addressing diversity in the workplace

Diversity and inclusion are often umbrella terms that define a number of complicated issues. A workforce of people from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds can strengthen a company and improve a business’ reputation among consumers.

However, achieving diversity can also present significant challenges. Many leaders are overwhelmed when it comes to developing procedures that accurately promote workplace diversity. If you’re a California employer, here are some ways you can bring positive attention to diversity and how this fits into your company values.

Be clear about the issues

Company policies may address several diversity-related issues, including sexual harassment, gender discrimination, racial disparities, and discrimination pertaining to religion. Acceptance should be the overall goal of your company, so it’s best to pinpoint specific diversity and inclusion policies in your office to see if any changes are necessary. These changes can include not asking a person’s age during the interviewing process or providing gender-neutral restrooms.

Celebrate everyone’s uniqueness

Some businesses have diverse days to appreciate the cultural and ethnic differences of their employees. While addressing legal protection pertaining to diversity and inclusion is important, team members should also feel seen and heard in a practical way to boost company morale.

Create policies in accordance with company objectives

Once you’ve clarified the diversity and inclusion needs of your company, take a look at your mission statement. Develop regulations that work in conjunction with the ethics of your company and emphasize that your business is committed to strengthening your professional team and making a positive impact in your community by celebrating the differences of your employees.

As you develop your policies, include them in your handbooks and new hire documents so that everyone can understand the concepts and review them as needed.

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