Resolving conflicts among co-workers

Many California residents work full-time jobs to earn a living. Most jobs aren’t without an occasionally stressful day. However, things can go from bad to worse when you and a co-worker get into a heated conflict. Fortunately, there are many ways to resolve workplace conflicts for healthier working relationships.

Listen actively

Certain work-related conflicts happen because someone isn’t listening. Sure, you might hear the words that someone else says. By using active listening, you try and understand the other person’s point of view. Having a deeper understanding of someone else’s perspective might lead you and another party to resolve all conflicts.

Bring in a neutral third party

If there’s no way to resolve a situation, disputing people can benefit from bringing in a neutral third party. This popular tactic is a form of workplace mediation where a third party helps two other parties resolve disputes. This person should be someone without close ties to you or the person you disagree with. If that’s not the case, it could lead to bias in these discussions.


It’s not always possible for two people to agree on a set of terms. Fortunately, slightly altering these terms to propose a compromise might resolve your disagreement. For example, imagine that you and your co-worker had to complete three projects together. However, your co-worker doesn’t have time to complete their portion of the work. You could pick up the slack and complete their work if they help you with a task next week.

Work-related conflicts can happen in a variety of ways. Sometimes, disputes happen due to someone experiencing problems at home. In other situations, two people might have distinctly different personalities.

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