A look at diversity and inclusion differences in the workplace

Workplaces in California examine how inclusion and diversity improve productivity and morale. Recognizing workers’ contributions inspires people to demonstrate their best work and desire to help their company and careers to grow.

Many companies are rich in diversity, and increasing inclusion adds value to employees by allowing cultural differences to be part of their employment practices. Examples of inclusivity contain ideas for creating different dynamic teams for work projects. Some cultures offer value because of their attention to detail and style, while others are more structured, which improves time management.

Diversity is the “what” in the workplace, while inclusion is the “how.” Examining how each concept affects team effort reflects areas of opportunity and targets success.

Focus on diversity

Diversity includes every workplace member regardless of nationality, language, race, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, veteran status, and family structures. Everyone is a valuable component of the company’s success.

Diversity and inclusion are distinctly different. Diversity measures the number of a specific segment of the workplace population, such as:

• How many women work or hold senior management positions?

• How many different religious groups make up the company’s staff?

• How many company events celebrate diverse, ethnic, or cultural family structures?

Inclusive hiring practices that welcome diverse backgrounds and perspectives attract a broader and more talented candidate pool.

Focus on Inclusion

Although most businesses are accustomed to workplace diversity, inclusivity offers growth opportunities. Diversity and inclusion work well in companies that hire people with various traits and characteristics. The following list shows the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce:

• Increased confidence

• Increased engagement

• Increased creativity

• Ideal workplace

• Greater talent pool

Companies that value diversity and inclusion provide greater profitability to their employees, management, and shareholders. The evidence shows that employees value being treated with dignity and respect.

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