Mediation as a way to resolve workplace conflicts

Workers employed at the same California businesses don’t always agree. As a result, there are times when a workplace conflict might arise that can have an adverse effect on your company. Mediation is often a good way to resolve those issues.

Why mediation is used

Mediation is considered an alternative, fair means of resolving a conflict. When a dispute occurs in the workplace, the best way to help the parties involved come to an agreement is to have an impartial third party meet with them to discuss the problem. The purpose of workplace mediation is to resolve the conflict so that everyone can move forward positively.

The mediation process

When a formal process is used to settle workplace disputes, it can be costly and too time-consuming. Mediation is a better option that is faster, easier and cost-efficient. It’s also a good way to allow the employees involved in the dispute to get a sense of empowerment because each party’s voice is heard during the process.

Prior to mediation, you or someone else in upper management should meet with each person separately to discuss their side of the situation. Afterward, you should meet with both while remaining neutral and hearing each party’s side. Avoid taking sides but try to negotiate ways that each person can understand the other’s point of view. There must be a middle ground met to resolve the issue.

After the negotiation is done and compromises have been made, you should be able to reach a conclusion to the dispute. You’ll want to take notes so that a formal written agreement can be created. As an optional part of the mediation process, each party could be presented with a copy of the agreement and signed it. However, mediation is meant to be an informal process, so you might not want to press the issue.

Mediation often helps resolves issues and make things easier in the workplace.

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