Understanding how mediation can resolve workplace disputes

California residents who work at the same company aren’t always going to get along. However, certain workplace disputes should be resolved. Workplace mediation can help.

What is workplace mediation?

Workplace mediation is a method that can be used to settle disputes among people working in the same company. Mediation helps to ease issues before they become bigger. It can help with the employees’ relationship so that they feel better able to work together in a civil and productive manner. A neutral mediator helps the parties work through their dispute.

How can workplace mediation be successful?

Workplace mediation can be successful when it’s carried out properly. If you are serving as the mediator, it’s important to first find out what’s causing the dispute. Go directly to the employees engaged in the issue and speak with them privately in a private, safe place.

Give the parties the opportunity to explain their sides of the story and air their concerns. Remain neutral while listening to them, but make sure to keep things positive as you want to find a solution that works for all parties.

If necessary, you should investigate the matter causing the dispute. Do this while using all the information each party has given you. Remain neutral at all times and make sure you understand each person’s view in the situation.

You should aim to find a solution to the dispute that’s somewhere in the middle. This shows the parties that you aren’t taking sides and that a solution can be found that doesn’t favor either one of them but meets them both halfway. You should also decide on the responsibilities of each party in resolving the dispute so that it doesn’t arise again in the future.

Workplace mediation is also useful for devising preventive strategies for potential disputes in the future. Documenting how mediation goes each time you use it is helpful. Some conflicts might require additional steps or modifications, but you will have a better idea of how to handle things moving forward.

If your employees are involved in a dispute, workplace mediation can help settle it.

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