Spotting a problem in the workplace before it’s a major issue

Over time, California workplaces may have negative energy when employees run into problems. However, there are ways to prevent these issues from becoming bigger. Employers can take measures such as workplace mediation to settle things.

Encourage open communication

Workplace mediation encourages open communication among all parties. If two employees are having a dispute, having them discuss things calmly and civilly can give them a chance to get the situation out in the open. Rational communication with supervisors and with each other can improve things.

Request employee feedback

Employers should also encourage feedback from employees. It can help the workplace as a whole when there’s feedback, regardless of whether it’s negative or positive. The discussion among employees and managers should be done in a way that’s diplomatic and relaxed.

Respond immediately to disputes

Human resources should immediately respond to any disputes among employees. Waiting to engage in workplace mediation can have a negative impact as it can be ineffective, and problems that could have been solved early on may escalate.

HR should carefully review the situation and investigate it. All records should be saved and stored in a safe place. After thoroughly investigating, HR should check with the complaining employee to see whether the problem was solved to their satisfaction.

Create a system

Creating a system for dealing with problems is important. It should also be clearly communicated to all employees. Issuing a bulletin via email or print is one way to do that. Employers can also include a section on the system the company uses for workplace mediation in the employee handbook.

The system should be tested to see if it’s effective. It can give insight into whether there’s still room for improvement or if the system will work to settle problems in the workplace.

Offer therapy sessions if necessary

Workplace mediation can include therapy sessions if it might help settle issues among employees. It might even be possible to bring in an outside mediator to help settle disputes in the workplace. It may benefit employee relationships and make for a better working environment.

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