How do you create an inclusive hiring process?

Inclusive hiring involves making choices that recognize diversity in your job applicants. When you decide to work on having inclusive hiring practices, embrace the range of backgrounds and perspectives that job candidates in California bring to the workforce. But inclusive hiring requires you to take active steps to make sure that the process promotes diversity.

Inclusion starts with the job descriptions.

Focus on a welcoming job description that promotes diversity and inclusion. To achieve this goal, make sure your job descriptions do the following:

  • Avoid gender-specific terminology.
  • Remove industry-specific jargon.
  • Choose language local to the workplace.
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Choose fonts that are easy to read such as Arial, Tahoma, or Open Sans.

Make sure your career webpage design promotes accessibility.

Your website should include accurate photos depicting the diversity that already exists in your workplace. Include videos and audio descriptions whenever possible. In general, make sure that your website follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Be upfront about the video interviewing process.

Some of your most qualified candidates may not possess experience with video interviews. To create an inclusive interview atmosphere, provide prospective interviewees with expectations before the day of the interview. Provide guidance to the applicant on lighting and audio requirements.

Expand your job advertising locations.

If you continually use the same job advertising methods, you are not incorporating inclusive hiring practices. Ideally, your job advertisements should include print, virtual job fairs, and social networks. You should also consider advertising on job boards that cater to specific minority groups.

Why is an inclusive hiring process important?

Having an inclusive hiring process lowers staff turnover, increases productivity, and results in greater job satisfaction. By promoting diversity and inclusion in your hiring practices, you will create a work environment that benefits your entire organization.

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