California employers value conflict management skills

When looking for a California job, you may be asked about your experience with conflict management. Employers value employees who are able to resolve workplace conflicts efficiently and effectively. Here’s why.

Conflicts are nearly impossible to avoid

No workplace is perfect, and there will always be disagreements among employees. Having a staff member who is skilled at conflict management can help to diffuse tense situations and prevent them from escalating.

On top of that, workplace conflicts can be a drain on productivity. If left unresolved, they can fester and cause employees to become resentful of one another. This can lead to a toxic work environment and a high turnover rate.

Conflicts can be expensive

Not only can workplace conflicts be a drain on productivity, but they can also be expensive for employers. If a conflict escalates, an employer may end up spending money on mediation or legal fees. Also, if an employee quits or is fired because of a workplace conflict, the employer will incur the cost of finding and training a replacement.

It’s much cheaper to prevent workplace conflicts from happening in the first place. That’s where having a staff member skilled in conflict management comes in.

Employers want to avoid liability

Another reason employers value employees with conflict management skills is that it can help to avoid liability. If an employee is harassed or discriminated against at work, the employer can be held liable.

Imagine a workplace conflict that escalates into a physical altercation. If an employee is injured, the employer could be sued. Having an employee who is skilled at conflict management or workplace mediation can help to prevent these kinds of situations from happening.

It shows you’re a team player

When you’re able to effectively manage workplace conflicts, it shows that you’re a team player. Employers want employees who are able to work well with others and who are committed to the success of the company. Conflict management skills are just one way to show that you have these qualities.

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