How can I attract more diverse applicants?

Ensuring your company has a diverse workforce can make it a better place to work for everyone. However, you may find hiring a variety of people from different backgrounds is not easy, especially if you seem to attract the same type of applicants every time you put out a job ad.

TechRepublic explains that you may need to switch up how you advertise a job opening and seek out diverse groups to help vary the applicants you get for a job opening.

Ad placement

The first thing you can do is rethink where you place ads. Consider the audience you will reach by using certain platforms. Try to use a variety of placements that may reach different groups of people. For example, if you cannot attract older applicants, consider placing an ad on Facebook, which tends to have an older crowd.

Ad content

You should also pay attention to the content of your ads. Are you narrowing the pool of potential applicants by making your job requirements too strict? This is a common mistake. Rethink what characteristics and qualifications a person really must have to do the job. Do not ask for too much. You could be chasing off diversity by putting too many requirements in the ad.

Also, revise the language you use. Make sure it is inviting to everyone.

Ad website

Whenever you have your ad include your website, you need to be sure the website shows you welcome diversity. If your website only shows images of older white males, it may not seem very encouraging to people who are not older white males. Showcase the diversity you already have within your company to draw in a diverse applicant pool.

You have to make diversity a priority to draw in a good group of applicants. Make sure you are not placing limitations on yourself through the job advertising process.

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