Why employers should offer sexual harassment prevention training

When you operate a California business, it pays to keep your workers happy and comfortable. Part of doing so involves making your workplace a safe and inviting place to be. Yet, certain circumstances have the potential to create an uncomfortable or hostile work environment. Sexual harassment is one such circumstance. So, it often benefits you in the long run – both financially and otherwise – to offer sexual harassment training to your workforce.

Why might you want to consider offering sexual harassment training in your place of business?

It helps you avoid litigation

More than ever, employees are aware of their rights when it comes to speaking up about harassment. In the wake of the #metoo movement, companies paid out an additional $22.5 million in monetary damages over the year prior. Litigation is expensive, but providing sexual harassment training may help you avoid it.

It helps minimize absenteeism

Many employees who are subject to, or who witness, sexual harassment at work find it difficult to return to work each day. This has the potential to breed absenteeism. Productivity decreases when employees fail to show up, and this also means other workers must pick up the slack, which may lead to unnecessary complications and resentment.

It raises morale

Your workers want to feel as if you care about them and want them to feel comfortable in your place of business. By offering sexual harassment training, you are showing them you prioritize maintaining an environment where workers feel safe and included.

There are clear benefits that come with offering sexual harassment training, even if it has not yet been an issue in your business environment.

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