Mediation may offer benefits for dealing with employment disputes

Business needs are a common aspect of owning and running a company. In many cases, those needs also coincide with keeping employees happy. Unfortunately, problems can arise within a business and its operations that make it difficult for you and your employees to see eye-to-eye. In some cases, the issues may not prove easy to resolve on your own, and as a result, you could face legal action if your employees feel unsatisfied.

Before immediately heading toward litigation to end an employment dispute, you may wish to determine whether an alternative method could prove effective. You may find it worthwhile to explore mediation as a possible option for resolving issues.


With mediation, you and the other party involved in the dispute meet with a third-party, unbiased mediator. During the process, the mediator helps each side understand the other’s stance and determine what could help each party feel satisfied that they have addressed the problem. If discussion begins to get off track or break down, the mediator can guide the conversation back to the topic at hand and keep negotiations flowing. The main goal of the process is to come to terms in the most agreeable manner for resolving the dispute.

Benefits of mediation

This type of dispute resolution method can offer a variety of benefits that litigation may not. For instance, the costs of mediation typically fall far below those associated with full court proceedings, and the process often takes less time. Additionally, the end results of mediation typically come as agreements made between both sides.

Of course, not all mediation proceedings have a completely successful outcome in terms of the individuals coming to an agreement. However, attempting this method can allow both parties to hear the other side and better understand what exact issues need addressing. If you find yourself facing a mediation that comes to a standstill, you can still move forward with litigation if that route seems necessary, in order to ensure that your business-related issues get resolved.

Finding a mediator

Because mediation differs from litigation proceedings, you need a trained mediator to handle your case. Many mediators also serve as litigation attorneys and therefore understand the laws necessary to address the issues presented with your predicament. You may wish to explore your options for obtaining the assistance of such a trained professional in California and better understand how mediation could potentially work in your favor when it comes to resolving disputes.

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