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What Mediation Can Do For Your Business

Reduce Costs

Litigation over employment law issues can get expensive. Mediation can help prevent these costly court battles and save your company money.

Improve Employee Relations

Mediation can be much less contentious than litigation, giving your company the opportunity to grow, rather than poison, relationships with employees.

Maintain Your Business’s Reputation

Long court battles can drag your company’s name through the mud. Mediation can protect your company’s reputation through private and effective solutions.

Meeting Your Company’s Workplace Mediation Needs

When your company is facing disputes with employees, the potential for long and costly litigation can loom large. But your business does not have to go down that path. There is another way. Workplace mediation can provide a route for more affordable, timely, private and amicable workplace conflict resolution.

At the Law Offices of Denise Eaton May, we provide lawyer-led mediation services for companies throughout the Bay Area. We are ready to meet your employment mediation needs and help you on the path to effective solutions to workplace disputes.

Our firm also can help your company take proactive actions to prevent future disputes. For example, we offer attorney-led diversity and inclusion training, which can help reduce the chances of D&I-related workplace conflicts arising.

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A Business Mediator With Extensive Employment Law Experience

Get workplace dispute mediation services from our skilled and experienced employment lawyer, Denise Eaton May. She has over three decades of legal experience. Over this time, she has helped businesses and workers with a wide array of employment issues. She has a deep knowledge of employment law and knows what it takes to resolve employment disputes in an effective way. Come to us for mediation focused on solutions.

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