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Get workplace diversity training headed by an employment lawyer with over 30 years of legal experience.

What Focusing On Diversity And Inclusion Can Do For Your Business

Bring In Talent

Having an inclusive and diverse workplace can make it easier to attract and retain the talented workers your business needs.

Strengthen Work Culture

Workplace culture built around D&I can put your employees and your company in a strong position for success.

Prevent Disputes

Creating a diverse and healthy work environment can help reduce the chances of costly employment disputes.

Meeting Your Company’s D&I Training Needs

Having a diverse and inclusive workplace can yield a great many benefits for your business. We are here to help you take the proactive actions needed to build and maintain such a workplace and put your company and its employees in a position to thrive.

We at the Law Offices of Denise Eaton May are ready to meet all of your company’s diversity and inclusion training and support needs. We provide attorney-led training sessions focused on giving your businesses and your employees the tools to build a diverse, strong and healthy work culture and environment. Our firm also provides proactive consulting services on D&I issues. Finally, if workplace disputes related to D&I arise, we stand ready to help your company reach effective solutions through mediation.

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A D&I Trainer With Extensive Employment Law Experience

Your company deserves D&I training led by a skilled and experienced employment lawyer. Our diversity and inclusion trainer is our senior attorney, Denise Eaton May. She has over three decades of legal experience. Over this time, she has helped businesses and workers with a wide array of employment issues. She has a deep knowledge of employment law and will use this to provide your business with strong, effective and practical diversity training.

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