How to resolve workplace conflicts with mediation

People in California sometimes have disputes in the workplace. It’s normal for this to happen once in a while. Mediation can help to resolve workplace disputes.

Tackle the dispute head-on

When employees have a dispute, it’s important to tackle it head-on. Don’t wait to address the matter. The sooner you try to resolve it, the better it is for the employees involved, other employees, production and the company as a whole. Waiting can only make things worse until it affects everyone.

Explain the goal of mediation

Clearly explain to everyone involved in the dispute the goal of mediation. You want to give everyone a chance to be heard while aiming to come to a solution that works for everyone.

Meet with everyone involved in the dispute

Meet with all the employees involved in the dispute. Everyone should get together for the meeting at the same time so that everyone’s views can be heard. Give each person an equal chance to explain their side of the matter. However, remember that you’re there not to take sides but to hear everyone out as a neutral party to resolve the situation.

Stay calm

Mediation is a process that requires you to stay calm throughout. It’s normal for the employees involved to become heated and emotional, but your goal is to be level-headed the entire time. Maintain an optimistic outlook and show empathy toward each party.

Look toward the future

With workplace mediation, you want to focus on resolving conflicts so that you can have peace in the future. Everyone wants to reach a common goal, so it’s important to explain that to each party. Stress to the employees that they should move past the dispute after you’ve resolved it.

Workplace mediation is often a better option than the alternatives.

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